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We have the honour of being Lloyds Agents since 1896. From our humble start in limerick we now cover the entire Mid-West and Southern Regions, We are also area representatives for the Salvage Association London, as well as Skuld Oslo. We also represent all major P.&I. Clubs where we have a wide experience and competence.

On the Shannon estuary and the West Coast generally self sufficiency continues to be required of an efficient Agent. Thus we have experience and competence in Marine Insurance, Cargo Claims, Adjustment and Surveys, as well as Hull & Engine damage repairs and salvage.

Proven expertise and experience in marine surveying, particularly cargo. Our skills also extend to other classes such as non-marine, aviation and even personal lines such as travel insurance (See Assistance). Our Expertise, integrity and local standing are held in high regard, Our well-established (Estd. 1778) business enjoys an excellent reputations in the local community. Our willingness to comply with stringent service levels when conducting surveys or adjusting claims, thereby ensuring that our customers receive the highest standard of service to meet the insurance and trade demands of the 21st century. we also have a vast knowledge of local independent experts for cases when specialist knowledge is needed.


For a direct route to the expert you require please email 


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