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As Master Stevedores we offer our competent  services to ship owners and cargo interests. In respect of dry bulk and break bulk cargoes we are highly qualified and experienced. Project cargoes have become a specialty of ours in recent years and we pride ourselves in the efficiency in which we handle them. There has not been a situation since 1778 that we have not been able to handle a cargo set to us. 

foynes port crane
liam Meade hoist away ships cargo hold

Our qualified staff, have a combination of experience and youthful energy and take pride in their work. From their early training they learn that as agents locally for Owners, whose place of business can be at the other side of the world, their first obligation is the protection of their property and interests. At the same time they are made to appreciate how important to our Owner Principals and ourselves, are the "joint venture" interests of the cargo. Vital to the successful conclusion of every contract of affreighment is a well satisfied Shipper and/or Receiver.

As Master Stevedores we can provide every level of cargo assistance required, from ship to quay transfers of all grades of cargo to Warehousing  to national distribution of cargo.



For a direct route to the expert you require please email 

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